Sunday, December 16, 2007

H Losing her grip?

I resisted at first, but then read the press reporting that one H was losing her grip and potentially her place in the spotlight.

Some choice turns of phrase were evident
  • In response, she has grown sharply more critical of her rivals - a risky tactic, ... where voters are turned off by negative campaigning
  • appears to have been hurt, for instance, by a press release
  • these kinds of tired, desperate attacks ... demonstrate very clearly that they have a real cost to [her] campaign
  • new signs that the tide may be turning against [her]
  • I believe in trusting my own instincts. I feel very, very good about the case I am making. [wrong, we know what the electorate think of s59 and the EFB]
  • national surveys have been more or less static for several months
  • has slipped into a statistical dead heat
  • now playing the game of lowering expectations [press is too young to report properly]
  • it's a miracle that she's got a chance to win
Now that seems to me, just like another H so in our lives everday...

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