Thursday, December 13, 2007

First reading of The Christmas Bill

Stocking fillers all MP's could ever want and wish for is listed by Vernon Small.

Some classics are;
  • Taito - one night in Bangkok on a tiling course
  • Helen - a fourth term and older MSM hacks
  • Winnie - a compliant media, reporting the real facts as written in a Winnie diktat
  • Michael - just one more budget
  • Bill - a big non-inflationary tax cut
  • Phil - an A4 buyer
  • Chris - NCEA spell checker
  • Jeannette - more bloody bus lanes
  • Jim - a retirement date
  • Tau - a mouthguard
  • Margaret - peace in her time
  • and Hugh - a spin doctor
Full detail can be found here.

ps: Wonder if 17 white A4's show up against the Woodbourne brown on Google Earth - too slow on dialup to have a squiz - at least a potential buyer could now see what is actually being hocked off.

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