Thursday, December 20, 2007

Unions in sinking ship?

Is this you?

Are you one of these 140,000?

Get out bed, turn up at work half asleep for a coffee, go to smoko for as long as possible twice a day, take exactly the allotted time for a liquid lunch, attend all union meetings in work hours and knock off well early to wash your hands to warm the bell before buggering off to the pub?

If this is you, the unions have a Christmas pressie for you. Seems they want even more taxpayer funds for their members, without any corresponding lift in productivity.

The union rats are preparing to abandon ship, seeing their feeding frenzy is going to end in 10 months time, so they are getting the last bite in. The almost 7% pay rise you get in April, for doing nothing extra, may be followed by a pre-election bribe taking your full increase to 33% above today's rates.

Yes, just getting out of bed will get you over $31K a year. Not bad attendance pay and your total pay rise in a year will be 33%, without doing any extra work. Responsibility, you don't need any of that, after all you just do what you are told. All you had to do was open your red eyes in the morning.

Life is good, at least till almost next Christmas ...

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James Sleep said...

What a pity you are off touch with average hard working union members.