Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Liarbour writing it's epitaph

Rodders summarises all that is wrong with the EFB.
If we have to get Government recognition or sanction to express our political opinion, it is not free speech.

We should not have to go to the Government and sign up and register to express our point of view.

Bold is mine. Unfortunately this will be passed by the Labour, Green, NZ First, United Future MP's who are looking to be impose it before Jan 1 2008.

Supporting MP's are decidedly blase about the electorate mood. This from NZ First.
Average New Zealanders are not concerned about this bill.

National MP Jackie Blue sees it a different way.
You have got it so wrong. You have read the people so wrong. You have been blind but you cannot see. It has gone beyond the Wellington beltway.
In a classic politics of envy fit, NZ First reminds Liarbour's core supporters, the unions, about the opposition's organisational skills with this
This is all organised to a degree that the New Zealand union movement can only envy.

Yes, Liarbour and the other supporters of this underhanded self-serving vindictive legislation would be well reminded that those against this legislation are not fleeced weekly like sub-paying union members being told to support the cause. Those rallying against the EFB do so voluntarily.

They do it because of the attack on freedom of speech.

The EFB will be the supporter's epitaph.

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