Friday, December 07, 2007

James Sleep - Where are you?

It maybe temporary, but whilst on my daily lurk around the blogs, I have noticed that the young turk James over at Sleep on Politics has disappeared overnight from the blogosphere.


James has departed, some possibly say for ACT, ditching Labour. His mate over at Morris Talks Politics has a short note and there is a vitriolic discussion going on at KB discussing Jaz's apparent flip-flopping, with a few comments about James.


Simeon said...

I was wondering where his blog went.

Yes it is very interesting.

But lefties like him are like that!!

James Sleep said...

I am still alive - I have stopped blogging as I am so busy with a new youth lobby group (Non-partisan) that I cannot find the time to post. Therefore why have a blog in the 1st place.

Also, I am still a staunch member of the Labour party. Whaleoil was having some fun.

What a pity he doesn't have more of that. :)