Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And why not?

sacked from a coaching job at a Christchurch Christian school because he is gay

And why not? I fully agree with the school's actions. Oh, what a hornet's nest this will raise.

the school's Board of Trustees has decided his homosexuality was a problem and he could not continue in the position

the decision was made based on Christian beliefs that homosexuality is a sin

Hard to refute that, any employer should have the right to employ those who fit their morals and ethics. Great that someone in the school system has put a stake in the ground.

Maybe the school could use 'for the greater good' defence.

At least homosexuality isn't compulsory. Yet, thank God.


Andrei said...

Well well well, a hornets nest indeed.

I expect the parents who send their children to that school chose to do so because they didn't want their kids indoctrinated with secular religion, a major tenet of which is SEX with whomever you choose however you choose.

KG said...

In the Herald:
'A prestigious Christian school's Board of Trustees have been told to attend a human rights awareness course after sacking a netball coach because he was gay, the Christchurch Star has reported today.

Middleton Grange School also had to apologise to the 28-year-old and pay him a confidential reparation sum."

Reparations? For exercising their right to sack him?

Karma said...

And this is why Christianity is dying due to morons like these. No intelligent, rational person can take it literaly and when people do it makes us look no better than radical Muslims. The bible contains lots of stupid crap that I expect was put in more by the fears of those who wrote it than an actual belief it was what god intended.

I mean how pathetic and what kind of message does that send to the students, particularly any whom might be homosexual. Christ look at the priesthood and what happens when you enfore rigid sexual codes.

Anonymous said...

Good people are up against so many 'sick' people in authority.

Surely we have the right to protect our young from what we believe is a sin.


Karma said...

"Good people are up against so many 'sick' people in authority."

Any many employers would also view religous fundies like yourself as sick, deluded and hateful. Does that give them a right to discriminate against religous fanatics and fire them even though it has no bearing on their performance or ability to do their job?

Hell I would hate for my children to have someone like you for a teacher. But unless you are actively teaching them to hate and be bigots and stuck to teaching then I would have no issue. I hardly think that this homosexual male really trying to impart his 'sick' beliefs on a group of female netballers.

PM of NZ said...


'Reparations?' - more like paying for the privilege of socialism - a never ending 'gift'

Whilst there may be rotten apples in any business and some texts written long ago could be open to varied interpretation, intelligent, rational people do take such matters literally. Literally enough to not want their children or grandchildren raised in the dark arts of faggotry and sodomy.

'we have the right to protect our young from what we believe is a sin'

Damned right! Along with the parallel discussion on pro-murder socialists being front-footed over at NZ Conservative, I believe as parents we do retain the right to teach our kids our morals and ethics. Two being that murder and and homosexuality are not right.

Karma said...

"Literally enough to not want their children or grandchildren raised in the dark arts of faggotry and sodomy."

It's laughable that people like you even consider yourself Christians, your not. Imagine what our enlightened Lord would think of your small minded ignorant and hateful treatment of your fellow man.

pdm said...

Sally and PM.

I agree with your stance.

Anonymous said...

Karma, I need to clarify what I meant about 'sick' people in authority. I wasn't thinking of the employee.

When I wrote that I was actually thinking of the politicians who make the laws of our land. They have stuffed up just about everything in our lives.

An employer should be able to employ who ever they like, there should be no interference from control freaks