Friday, July 02, 2010

Are we there yet?

Ele over at HP has a post on time with wings as we start the second half of a year.

Got me thinking. After his taxing spree yesterday, has John Boy Key also passed the halfway mark to his use-by-date? His flash-in-the-pan oppo Kevvie across the ditch found out pissing about with such taxes can drastically accelerate the use-by-date forward much to his disgust.

In New Zealand, on top of all the new rorts and impositions, we have another element continually taxing the populace, that of the Treaty grievance industry, a scab which is lifted often to help the non-native on his colonial oppressor guilt trip. Such guilt is presently being soothed with massive amounts of taxpayer monies along with large areas of, if not all, the foreshore and seabed. Actions which are
fast forwarding John Boy's use-by-date.

Daily more are suggesting that they will never vote for National or Labour ever again, so I suspect Rodney and Winston will do very well thank you next election. An event only about 15 months away. Just after we lose yet another World Cup. And we will be in a fine mood, ready to take it out on the politicians.

Unfortunately there are no other alternatives, both are poor choices and we are almost there.


homepaddock said...

Ing overnment you can't pick your fights and you're always goign to offend someone.

Rudd fell from highly popular to ex-PM in a very short time & it could happen here too.

But while there's policies people don't like from National there's also plenty many do - and most would be in danger if Labour led the next government or Winston 1st had any power.

Anonymous said...

I think that Key is even more traiterous than Clark, because he stoop up and pretended he stood for tax-cuts, common sense and a promise to listen to the electorate. His acts are actually quite treasonous, what with the ETS, the Foreshore and Seabed giveaway and his alignment with UN ideals. I bet Muldoon would be rolling in his grave, as would Holyoake. They would have something to say, if they could. Muldoon had last had spine enough to stand up for the courage of his voters convictions!

PM of NZ said...

Anon, fully agree - Key is totally treacherous. Absolute power at any cost. He will get a shock next year at the voting booth.

PM of NZ said...

HP, As the days speed past, ever more Labour and Winston become options.

Key has shown his true colours to be red rather than deepest blue as was sold to unsuspecting voters 18 months ago. Whilst he has some capital up his sleeve, he will be hammered for changing tack and both the Nats and Labour will suffer. Labour because no-one in their right mind would want another does of Helengrad so soon. ACT is MIA, Roger Douglas with his feral ideology is still lurking, so is not an option.

Apart from vote wasting by not voting, thus giving Labour a default, Winston appears to me to be in the box seat.

pdm said...

When Key was elected I thought, and said, that he had the potential to be NZ's best Prime Minister since Holyoake. He is not going anywhere near to fulfilling that potential.

There seems to be no vision, no commitment to overturning the attemted conversion of the country to a welfare state by Labour and capped off by the ETS.

I for one will be looking for a manifesto in 2011 which includes unwinding WFF, repealing the smacking legislation, sale of selected liabilities (they call them assets) and lower taxes.

I am sure others will have further expectations.

Anonymous said...

pdm, good luck, you won't get any of that from Key. Such a treansonous con man! Oh the lies, the power and the photo-glory. The man is actually weak, he loves the camera and he has so much contempt for the people who voted him in. Can't wait till he is voted out again, Kiwis deserve much better then smile, wave and smirk.

Anonymous said...

Not fucking Winston.
That guy was responsible for the infamous "tight five" and for removal of the 1billion treaty settlement cap after the first MMP election.
He is also just a power addict who has already had his chance and to be kind, wasted it.
The guy has no principles and any fool who votes for him is guarenteed to be unhappy at more bullshit and no real change should he regain any power.

Anonymous said...

The last part of anonymous,s @11:46
holds true for all pollies. No principles appears to be a pre-requisite for being a pollie and anyone who appeals as being the saviour for us all, will inevitably fail to meet our expectations.