Monday, July 26, 2010

Liarbour MP spouting spin put in her place

Labour says local firms will miss out in the lucrative government-wide deals

Labour communications spokeswoman Clare Curran says the Government is awarding the contracts to "a cosy club of multinational suppliers" when it should be maximising opportunities for local businesses

Spinning absolute crap for all she is worth in true Liarbour fashion.

Mr Brownlee says he is confident the Government's tendering processes gave New Zealand firms a "fair go".

"But if [Ms Curran] can show me that she uses New Zealand-manufactured computers, laptops, multifunctional printing devices, photocopiers [and] printers... which, I understand, have not been produced in New Zealand for some years now, then I would be interested to know."

Nice one Gerry.


KG said...

I'd be interested to see the NZ-made car, washing machine, dishwasher etc she uses, too!

KG said...

Perhaps, being a Labourite, she drives a Zil and does the dishes in a bucket?

TimM said...

Clare Curran: desperately seeking relevance.