Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ostrich: What problem?

it would be unwise for the Government to become involved in an intensely political debate that was going on in Australia

An ostrich with its head firmly lodged in places unknown fails to admit problem. Says we don't have an issue.

Bollocks. Like Arizona, I say NZ needs to be ready to detain and export would be illegals directly back to their source hellholes without hesitation. Definitely not purified for citizenship like the last lot Goff imported in cahoots with Oz via some Pacific shithole.

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KG said...

Too right, PM. I see the Libz are airing their usual demented views on illegal immigration over at Not PC.
Oh, sorry--according to PC it's "illegal" immigration when someone destroys their documents and pays a people smuggler to help them jump the queue.....