Tuesday, July 20, 2010

National confirms New Zealand Government failure this morning

Greenpeace is calling the Government's backdown on mining conservation land a "historic victory"

Case proven this morning, as New Zealand no longer has a government as it kowtows to few rowdy shit-stirrers.

Anarchy is now set to reign as National confirms it does not have the balls to stand up for the country. We might as be still ruled by the beast in New York.


KG said...

" We might as be still ruled by the beast in New York."
You mean we're not??

Anonymous said...

Those of us paying the bills do not have the luxury of being able to join marches and hikoi that are composed mostly of those who contribute nothing.
Unfortunately a lot of us sit down in the little free time we have, in front of TV and swallow the garbage presented. Vainly hoping to hear some good news that will show that our prosperity and rights as good decent folk are being taken seriously.
That will not happen. People can take a small step by turning the shit off.