Sunday, July 11, 2010

Expectations and a picture of incompetence

Whilst John boy Key is swanning around the world and telling the media how it will be at Party Central, the wheels are falling off closer to home.
The cup will be the biggest sporting event ever staged here, and will attract considerable interest around the globe, so it's important we take the opportunity to put on a memorable event

Oh yes, it will be memorable all right. A few photo-ops for politicians near the holy grail of NZ sport. Most memorable for the ratepayers like me who will be picking up the tab long after the Drunks on Tour (TM) have left this town.

You see, when Trevor of Liarbour signed us up to the rugger love-in to be held next year all so long ago and offered ratepayers wallets to the IRB, he didn't count on one, not being at the helm at the appointed time and two, the intransigence of those who will have to pay. So their side is going for the throat, political points scoring.
bungling was turning the Rugby World Cup into a farce

schemozzle over broadcasting rights

the mess over Queen's Wharf

failure to be decisive

a picture of incompetence

A picture of incompetence indeed as Key now tells the media in an interview on the other side of the world (never ever the ratepayers) that he looks to Vic Park as the new Party Central venue. One so far removed from downtown that to get the touring drunks and politicians looking for photo-ops to the windblown paddock will now no doubt need a ratepayer funded fleet of buses.

As much as it disgusts me giving them kudos, I say good on the ARC for telling Key, McCully and the IRB to stick their bloated expensive ideas. If you want it, take it out of the central government general fund. Otherwise, bugger off with your expectations.


Anonymous said...

Good post, PM of NZ. Key seems to spent oodles of time outside of NZ, how does one govern properly when one hardly stays at Parlaiment, let alone in the contry? What a mess, we can't get this right, not much hope at ever hosting the Olympics! We need a leader who stays in the country a lot more, don't you think? Lange and Jenny Shipley, Helen Clark etc didn't travel to this extent, seems like one endless trip, rather than being at the helm at home.

Sally said...

And don't you get a bit tired of his talking up the 'I' not 'we?'