Monday, July 26, 2010

TV gets worse by the day

Watching Generation Kill for Monday entertainment on One. Ever hopeful of seeing a decent body count, but program keeps getting all touchy-feely off track.

Then the bloody ads come on. Not only half of the digital Freeview is infested with taxpayer funded native channels, now TV One is broadcasting ads in some foreign lingo. Another channel gone to the dogs.

Must be time to get a satellite feed so I can see programs in English all the time.


Anonymous said...

That's a reasonably racist comment, but yes, no one has seems to have been greased so far in this show.

Anonymous said...

Don't watch the crap. It won't get any better if you continue to watch it.
Anyone with broadband can see all the TV they want, most of the time without ads. I like sport and thanks to the internet I can get to see it all without ads most times though not without some twit telling me what's happenning.

PM of NZ said...

Anon 1 - Nothing racist about that. If I wanted to watch native telly the options are available. I do not see why when I am watching the main New Zealand TV free-to-air channel I should be subjected to the PC crowd getting their rocks off in a language week. The main language in New Zealand is English. Keep it that way.

Anon 2 - wish I could.

Broadband to watch telly or videos is not an option. Data caps required would be hideously expensive. On Vodafone wireless, rural sutuation, gives something slightly better than dial up. The copper was ditched over a year ago because I would be lucky if Telecom ever puts fibre near here even though the high speed fibre backbone is about 4km away as the crow flies.

Anonymous said...

Maori is an official language, just like sign language. I'm sure you wouldn't diss sign language. And what's one week a year, you old ball head.

Anonymous said...

Where exactly on the interweb can you get TV shows to download? Are they web-only shows? You're not talking about downloads from TV networks are you? Where? How?