Saturday, July 31, 2010

National disappears in brown fug

18 months is all it has taken.
In terms of Maori business, I think we're on exactly the right track

18 months for Key and Liarbour-Lite to hand this country over to the separatists. Literally given New Zealand away. Did you as a National voter really vote for that?

Confirmed today as he suggests in a decade if you are not of the right ethnicity, you will be definitely less than a second class citizen in the country of your birth.

God help them at the next election.

Who would have thought that National of all parties would have disappeared in this brown fug?


Mohka said...

That seems like an odd decision. We'll see what it brings.

KG said...

"God help them at the next election."
They haven't dropped at all in the polls, PM. I think the majority of Kiwis just don't care about this.

red canvas said...

I know, it shall be interesting to see what comes of it.

triptych canvas said...

To be honest I think you're right KG!

modern canvas prints said...

Really interesting, thanks a lot and lets see where it goes from here!