Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"offer is entirely realistic in the current economic climate"

walking away from the bargaining table after what it calls 13 fruitless sessions

the ministry appeared to have no will to address teachers' concerns and continued to undervalue teachers

Bastard teacher unions trying it on as usual. 13 fruitless sessions? Take it or leave it like the rest of New Zealand workers doing their bit in this recession.
The PPTA says it will return to the bargaining table when it sees a genuine willingness to problem-solve from the ministry

Problem solve? If it was up to me, I'd resolve the issue. Quickly. Fire the unionised. End of problem.


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Better still - Shoot 'em!

Unionists don't deserve citizenship or civil rights.

When they joined the communist Union movement, they ceased to be human.

We should treat them with as much care as we would a cockroach.