Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bugger two ticks ACT

Sick of pinko Liarbour-Lite yet? Pandering to rent-a-mobs and ethnic activists as they get on their soapboxes. Want another three years of Daddy State with more taxes and refugees from hell? Won't want to waste your vote next year by not voting, but like me need to teach those NACTional politicians a lesson in who they are working for?

Well there is hope for you.
All you need to know is that the platform for this party has been seriously laid out with some real hard graft work around the country over the last few months and it shows

The new A Team has arrived. Peters and Laws. Talk about a pairing from hell guaranteed to liven up and cut to the chase in the fetid bear pit. We might actually see government being asked some hard questions.

I say, bugger two ticks ACT. ACT will be dead at the next election. All is forgiven, hope and change is coming.


In other news, I see the Super City Mayor to-be has backed down on the bus lane revenue Nazis. Funny that, must be a 3-way debate coming up where the others will use the topic as a stance to curry favour.


Anton said...

Maybe Rodney will see the writing on the wall and jump ship to become the NZ first MP for Epsom. A black jacket would better suit him don't you think?????

Laws, Peters and Hide all in Parliament on the same team...now that would make good tele

PM of NZ said...

Oh yes Anton, love the idea. A credible way to go. The day gets better by the minute.

Anonymous said...

The one voice in parliment that approaches common sense and respect for liberty and you want to crap on it. ACT have very little influence and it has been hard for them but they have done some things. eg. no racist seats in council. If they had more seats they would do more.
The most foul policies are the products of the Maori/National coalition. eg. ETS
No hope of any change when people think like you do on this. Kiss freedom and equality goodbye and look foward to living in a hut earning 20 bucks a day on an iwi collective farm. That's what's coming if Greens Maori and Nat/Labour continue to run things.

homepaddock said...

Peters voted for all the policies you criticised Labour for including higher taxes. He added to the spending excesses eg free trips to Waiheke for wealthy pensioners.

National has brought taxes down.

The hard question that needs to be asked is where's the $158,000 Peters owes parliamentary services?

PM of NZ said...

hp, I've noticed that you've become quite the Nats shill since conference with your blog posts. Enough that apart from 'Today in history' the others only rate a cursory glance being outright spin.

Sure Labour is as guilty as National with all their perceived failings, but at least they don't sell themselves as one thing and do another. You know you will always get shafted by union and communist factions, especially when paired with their natural watermelon allies, the rabid tree-huggers.

On the other hand, National was sold as the only conservative counterpoint to the thieving lying Nanny state raping New Zealand politics, in practice it has proven to be anything but cut from the same cloth. And their unheralded pairing with the separatists is the ultimate slap in the face for their followers.

At least with Laws and Peters, whoever might be leader in the end, the two pinko main parties might be brought to heel.

PM of NZ said...

hp, As for your hard question on who owes who or what, that obviously is not something governments want to prosecute any further. They await the statute of limitations for the problem to disappear. Peters and Dunne have lucked in as their constituents forget. As did the NY she-beast being given a free ride to the UN without being pursued, as most thought she should be, for electoral fraud. Jobs, as always, for the boyz and girlz is the aim of the corrupt game New Zealand politics.

Anonymous said...

National has brought taxes down.

Bullshit!!! overall tax take and state as a percentage of NZ economy continues to increase under National.

At a time when e.g. the UK is terminating 40% of all state spending including fucking benefits
the National/Maori government (with ACT's pointless support) is utterly completely pathetic.

Worse than Osama in the US.
Worse than Germany or fucking France!
Worse than Spain.
Worse than Greece.

Peter said...

Quite honestly, this present govt is the worst governance that I have have ever lived under. The national party is one of the most deceitful govts ever.
One of the greatest myths abroad in the world is that NZ is one of the most deregulated. Balderdash, complete crap.
To be fair, national has most probably been hijacked. By Key & his ilk. Equally, they have failed to live up to their principles and ideals. Instead of installing policies that create a free enterprise, standard of living raising economy, they have consistantly and successly stolen the ground, absorbed and applied the failed miserable policies of the ratbag socialist labour party.(Trying to steal labour voters), Hence we now have the ratbag socialist national party.
NZ voters desparately need an honest political party, protective of and prepared to defend property rights, the rights of the individual,to encourage individual independance and thrift. Strangle and shrink the State. Please God.
This would be something that hasn't been seen, represented or advocated in NZ for many hard sad and long years.

KG said...

HP, you may as well just run the Nats flag up as your masthead.
"marginally better than the last lot of thieves and liars" (and that's debatable anyway) just won't cut it as an alternative to socialism.