Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"He will learn from experience"

You are just a liar, you are bullshitting.' I went on and he stopped [me] again: 'You're just lying, you are misleading us.

A union organiser with minimal experience caught blatantly lying to a select committee. Wondered which socialist trough the recent school-leaver had gone to. Obviously destined never to be employed in a proper job.

said the list MP used "bullyboy tactics" by interrupting his submission and accusing him of lying about his evidence in "a bit of a tirade

Now wants an apology from honourable member Tau Henare for climbing down his neck.

Mr Henare said he would not apologise. "Why would I apologise for a little turkey who got found out lying? He was reading out a submission and I was following it and in two parts ... it was a completely different story.

"He'll get over it and if he doesn't, well, then, too bad ... He'll learn from his experience."

As if that will happen.

Labour MP Carol Beaumont, who sits on the committee, said she was concerned about how Mr Sleep was treated.

The boy's employer weighing in, spinning the union line. And Tau's fitting response?
Quite frankly, who cares what Carol Beaumont says

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Inventory2 said...

James Sleep; that would be the young man who threw himself in front of John Hayes' moving car during the last election campaign no doubt. Some would say that it's a pity that John Hayes responded so quickly!