Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spreading tentacles of bureaucracy

The MOH is desirous of creating a whole new bureaucracy through which to spread their tentacles of officialdom.
One in five New Zealanders has unsafe or unregistered drinking water, a Ministry of Health survey shows.

I wonder how long before a health Nazi turns up with a clipboard in hand to look at my unregistered 10,000 gallon water collection system? Why suddenly a cause-celebre now? Just another Liarbour MP stirring the pot looking for traction in the polls.

Real tasty rain water here, nothing wrong with it all. Just now and then the odd flush of bird-shit and roof dust goes into the tank. Leaf matter, whole birds and possums are filtered out.


The Gantt Guy said...

Of course PM, once your water-collection system becomes "registered", you will be charged for the water which you have been collecting for free until now (i.e. stealing). I believe the calculation is rainfall (millimetres) multiplied by collection capacity (roof square area) multiplied by dollars per litre.

Get your wallet out.

PM of NZ said...

Exactly, GG. Liarbour can see the pot of gold in this endless revenue stream. Paid for by rich pricks on their lifestyle blocks and farms.

I await some unwashed greenie tree hugger to work my 'free' rain collection into buggering Gaia, through global warming and abetting climate change. If they are also really cunning, no doubt there will an 'added value' carbon tax to pay for my unregistered sinning via the Eternal Taxation Scam.

The Gantt Guy said...

Far be it from me to give those idiots any ideas, but how about:

The water you steal from mother earth cannot be used to nourish her bounty. You are therefore killing the earth with your craven theft of the water of life, and you must therefore pay for your crimes.

They can't yet bury you up to your neck and stone you to death (as their bed-fellows do), so they'll raid your pocket instead.