Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where's Shrek when you need him?

activists were circulating emails calling for a protest march to drive home their opposition to the bill, which replaces Labour's Foreshore and Seabed Act

Not content with their over inflated perception of self-worth, the 'haters and wreckers' are eager to do it all over again. To get 'a better deal' at the expense of every non-native New Zealander. And yes, the rabble I saw those few years ago marching through the high street in my local town holding up traffic did look like a wrecking crew. I have always thought they were well named by her indoors.

Indeed, it is time for Shrek to make his mark again.

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mawm said...

He (Sharples) pleaded for unity and revealed National would scrap the bill if the Maori Party withdrew support, meaning the much less desirable existing law would stay in place for years.

"They've said this to us: `You pull it [support], we'll drop it. We're doing this on your request'.

Do you think Key has the balls to do so? Well wait and see.

Reports from their party congress show what a bunch of hypocritical racists the Maori Party are turning out to be. Turia, after a private apology, now makes a public apology to Hone for NOT supporting him over his 'white mother-fuggers' comment; and Sharples intimating that National is a right-wing government and therefore, by default, must be racist.