Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"One rogue candidate..."

I see the Two Hats Little has distanced himself from the fray.

Not that said candidates name can be mentioned here or in comments, due to ridiculous name suppression, but every association to date, prior to suppression, implicates Labour with with electoral corruption as an normal ongoing MO.

The she-beast's reign was one decade of electoral corruption in various forms. Never held accountable, covered with teflon. Should have been jailed on many counts. Recently we have a Labour lawyer type admitting to be sending emails usurping the electoral process. Makes some lame excuse, to cover the fact he was caught red-handed. Yesterday we have Little saying the arrested has Labour links, red pictures everywhere emblazoned with Vote Labour. Today, post-suppression, no links at all. How does that work Mr little? Cleaning your hands? "Nothing to see here, move along now ..."
Labour did not do police checks on all its members and although it did some background checking on people who put themselves up as candidates for national politics, the party head office did not control processes at local body level.

What a bunch of outright lies! Just how many unionists were trucked in for the recent Mana selection? How is the LEC Te Atatu selection progressing?

The only rogue I can see is the morally corrupt Labour Party is continually willing to usurp the electoral processes for their own fraudulent ends.

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