Monday, October 25, 2010

The language of socialists

"... the nation's largest city, home to about 190 ethnic communities ..."

Lovely. Wonder what the relevance is in having those of ethnicity individually defined. And I thought Len's Super Shitty was to be the nirvana of one big happy community?

Mr Orsman,would those ethnic communities you speak of be like
  • Westie bogans and others from South Auckland, who vote for more of the same in handouts?
  • Those in Mangere, 'only guilty of helping'?
  • Those in Papatoetoe, 'lets's see how many we can fit into one address'?
  • Hobbit hobbling actresses and unions?
Anyway, you get my drift.

Nice to see the MSM is assisting Len with his all inclusive Orklund. But there is nothing inclusive about the language of socialists, only wedge politics.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not to mention his 'one hundred spending projects in one hundred days'.