Thursday, October 07, 2010

"You only pick on me because ..."

That didn't take long.

As is par for the departing, the soon to ex-MP for Te Atatu takes a last swipe at the taxpayers who have paid dearly for his overseas jaunts.

Time to pull up the armchair for the entertainment as he goes down swinging. Or, is it she airs the dirty laundry?


Inventory2 said...

Back in June he said that playing the gay card was a mistake. Now he seems to be mistaken about whether or not he was mistaken!

Competence, not sexual orientation is the yardstick. On that basis, Carter fails.

Murray said...

Where Gunney Ermy to call a diva "Princess" and make him run round parliament with a rifle over her head when you really need him?

PM of NZ said...

M, I take it Gunney Ermy could readily distinguish between 'steer and queer'? And then took it as a personal challenge to implement full corrective training.

Nothing like high porting arms to drag the wayward back to the straight path.