Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Side show over, now to address the real issue

So John Boy has spent $30M or something close of our money usurping our sovereignty, paying for some overseas private company to make a movie that was probably never going to leave NZ. And some laws are going to get a minor tweak to clarify employment things.

Not the real issues. The real issue is that unions are able to operate in such a manner as to endanger an industries that we as NZ Inc depend on to get us out of a recession and to trade in global markets.

The recent play by the unionised has cost this country dearly. IMNSHO, nothing short of industrial terrorism. Terrorists individually that should be brought to book, along with the unions that enabled this fiasco. And unions should be outlawed.


Anonymous said...

Not just unions: also the unions' political wings:

Labour & the Greens

Anonymous said...

And they are right when they say it is crazy for Key to change the law so that only in the film industry will contractors really be contractors, subject to the full "fire at will" provisions of every productive country's workplace laws.

The solution again is simple:
Change the law to define all employees as contractors.

Problem solved. No need for stupid special 90-day trial periods either: with everyone defined as a contractor they can all be fired and have no excuse!

Murray said...

Within the current terms of the UN definition of terrorism the CTU could be listed as a terrorist organisation.