Saturday, October 16, 2010

Upcoming fun - tickets on sale now

An Oz company is about to dig holes in some of our bush. All rape and pillage of some windswept stunted scrub no doubt. I can hear the screams from the unwashed already.
This week, the Overseas Investment Office gave Australia-based Bathurst Resources the green light to make significant headway on its plans to develop an opencast coalmine next to Solid Energy's Stockton site on the West Coast

Time to pull up the armchair.
You have to protect some of those areas before they disappear

This should be top entertainment as feral tree huggers and other rabid marxists chain themselves various items like train tracks, trying to stop 5000 tonne coal trains.

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Anonymous said...

The most efficient way to shift tree-huggers from train tracks is to use large and very fast trains.

Great news about more mining.