Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tararua Results

Prelimary from Elections NZ

Mayor - Roly Ellis 2953 - 1703 ahead of ex Deputy-Mayor

North Ward: 4x required

Roly Ellis 2557 - new Mayor
Keith Fenemor 2065
David Roberts 1923
Brenda Dodunski 1898
Chris Southgate 1777

South Ward: 4x required

Warren Davidson 1955
Bill Keltie 1544
Shirley Hull 1469
Peter Johns 1338
and no David Lea - ex-Deputy Mayor thankfully

Most are returning councillors, making for a relatively easy transition. Only the top has changed. Pity the un-elected troughers in the next tier like the CEO can't be fired at election time!

Now for the real action on reducing rural rates!

Congratulations to Roly, you were the only candidate that got off his backside and visited every rural household in my area. And it was chucking it down that afternoon almost four months ago. Well done!


pdm said...

Very pleased to see Ivan Johnasen maintained his rightful place - last.

PM of NZ said...

God loves a trier, I believe pdm.. And he has been very trying reading his drivel in the local rags.

No doubt we'll see him in three years time again.

pdm said...

If your new Mayor is a member of the Ellis Family I know which originated (I think) from the Waitahora District, he will be a straight shooter and will get stuck in and get things done.

PM of NZ said...

That's him. From his election sales gumpf, a kipper import in 1992.

Used to getting his hands dirty, was a UK Farmer for 20 years, a fencing and shearing contractor. Was in Territorials as an Officer.

Also was VP of Feds in Rotovegas and and had Benjamin Moore in Dannevgas for a while. Missus is head honcho at Pongaroa school. Has an extensive community based CV.

Definitely a leader. One of the few and far on offer.

pdm said...

Probably not a member of the family I know pm - they are second, third or even fourth generation NZers. Still sounds like he must have at least brushed against them because he has all of their good atributes from what you say.