Wednesday, November 03, 2010

At his best

It's better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay

Berlusconi gets it right defending his lifestyle and passion for young women -

"At least I'm not gay"


Anonymous said...

If that's the guy at his best I'd hate to see him on a bad day. Says a lot about you that you think that's witty.

Murray said...

Says a lot about you that you that you hide behind an anonymous comment and you think being agressively pro-homosexual is a virtue.

Anonymous said...

RIghto "Murray", you're a hero. Really.

Murray said...

If I need an opinion form a gutless heterophobic sack-o-crap I'll drop you a line.

Till then you keep hiding.

"Murray" would be the first name on my birth certificate. My family name is Hill.

My site and email address are here http://hittingmetalwithahammer.wordpress.com/

Get fucked "Anonymous". Your parents not like you or something?

PM your fucktard filet isn't working.

PM of NZ said...

Nothing wrong with the filter setting, M. It lets trolls show their wit. Or when on a touchy subject, their lack of it.

Anonymous said...

You guys are great. Bit scared of the darkies and the gays though. I'm thinking aging none too bright white guys with big chips on shoulders. As I say "Murray", real heroes.

Murray said...

Thinking... not your strong suit really its it.

I'm Maori.

In the graduate program at Massey.

Nice own goal.

Shit for brains.

You can use the sneer quote till your tiny little brain falls out your ass, but its still my name. "Anonymous".

Let us know when you've finished making yourself look a complete dick wont you.