Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Go Rodney!

our valuable foreshore and seabed can be handed across to iwi in secret, in the Attorney General's office, with no public or parliamentary scrutiny

The stench of corruption, separatism, racism around the secret backroom wheeling and dealing in New Zealand's foreshore and seabed continues unabated.

I firmly believe that the 3M (Maori Mining Mountains) arrangement announced yesterday is only a smokescreen sideshow to distract the citizenry from the real issues as Jonkey sells out the seabed in perpetuity.
Act says it will try to change the fact that iwi could win customary title in the foreshore and seabed by regulation, "in secret," and without reference to Parliament

Rodney is about to tackle the government head-on. Show-time.

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Anonymous said...

Treasonous pricks. Clark is angelic compared to the Key mob. Evil underthe sun.