Monday, November 15, 2010

Backing 'sustainable' losers

A city bike scheme is up for a national business award - despite folding last week.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has asked officials to meet Nextbike to discuss options for some future scheme.

Lendthrift Brown of Orklund Super Shitty is backing losers willy nilly. With your rates. One of these days, someone with a bit of nous might notice that Orklund has more than a few hills, is prone to strong winds and the crap narrow roads are not conducive to cyclists.

The company is a finalist for the national award after winning a regional title from the Sustainable Business Network as a promising small emerging business.

Sustainable??? How I absolutely hate that word. What it really means is "a proven unworkable business model that will be subsidised by increasing your rates".

Meanwhile, here is another bunch of losers being promoted by The Mare.
Auckland Mayor Len Brown has given an undertaking to the influential Iwi Leadership Group to talk to the new Auckland Council about dedicated Maori seats on the council.

Dr Sharples told the Herald last night that Mr Brown had given an undertaking to take the issue to his new council and go through a process and it could take a year or so.

Losers who after a poor showing at the recent election continue to try for un-democratic representation at the trough. Just wait to see what happens if that genie is ever let out of the bottle. His mate Jonkey has yet to face the electorate over the criminal corrupt wheeling and dealing with the separatists, but his day is coming and that is another story. Meanwhile the main players are in a holding pattern.
Dr Sharples said it would be a gradual process "and we are quite happy to settle for that"

Nothing sustainable about backing those that use their genes to garner a place at the trough.

Yes, Lendrift picks losers everytime. Trouble is he's not betting with his money, but your hard earnt rates taxes.


Murray said...

Aucklanders keep electing lemons so they get what they deserve.

Besides they're Aucklanders.

pdm said...

They don't call him Looney Len without reason - he proves it time and again.