Friday, November 05, 2010

Breaking News: Missing link found!

The breathless news that the turbine blade wheel mechanically disintegrated and violently exited at 20,000 plus rpm from the rear of a flying rat's jet engine yesterday is somehow brought closer to home with that all important Kiwi link. At last, the missing link is found!
My whole body just went to jelly ...

The missing link that must be found in any event of international import.

The destruction of the fibreglass cowling and a few flames accompanied by some noisy vibration is somewhat routine for a jet turbine engine. Albeit maybe scary for those inside the carbon fibre plastic chilly bin. The pilots did what had to be done, again shutting down an engine being a well practiced routine event, stuffed a bit more of the atmosphere dumping all that avgas into the already dirty Indonesian tropical air and landed safely.

Why does the MSM always have to trawl through passenger lists to find a Kiwi link? Even if it is days later.

From here, the MSM is the missing link.

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