Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You can't win...

bottom trawling may not be systematic environmental pillage

far from destroying a habitat, the trawl may have created a new one by etching grooves into the flat bottom

Early signs indicate that marine life survived, even thrived

The noo religion tells us that bottom trawling is maybe not so evil.

Take that and smack it greenies! How's that global warming climate change thing going?


pdm said...

The climate change thingee is going very well over here pm. Most of England and Scotland are buried in snow and it is still Autumn!!!

But don,t worry Red Alert tells us that Charles Chauvel, Helen Kelly and a few other troughers are suffering at a conference in Cancun to sort it out.


PM of NZ said...


Yes I did note that the relocation was because it wasn't a good look for the last one at Nohopenhagen that the leaders had to evacuate in the face of an impending ice storm. Global Warming indeed!

robertguyton said...

From the report - "This would be a remarkable conclusion, but it is way too early to be sure. A more intensive series of five trawls in each zone took place last month and time must pass before the impact can be assessed. Any conclusions may also be inapplicable to New Zealand seas."

Jumping the gun much PM?

As for your climate change wishfulness (much like your bottom trawling wishfulness!) it sure was hot around the place over the past few days - record breaking they are saying - hottest November temperatures on record in several parts of New Zealand. Farmers are already calling for action over the looming drought in the far north - but hey, be relaxed you know your adorable leader is.

PM of NZ said...

Never too early there Robert. Attack is the best with greenies - betcha they won't tell ya that just maybe they were wrong and the science could change.

I am relaxed knowing that Dear Leader will direct a wad of your tax wedge to support primary producers should the La Nina/El Nino Southern Oscillation give us a dryish summer. A regular normal climactic occurrence, nothing to do with man-made global warming.

Anonymous said...

New evidence has proven the
influence of CO2 to be greatly exaggerated. There is a germ of truth to the theory, but our emissions are not nearly as serious as the alarmist warmists make out.

The western climate establishment does not want you to know this, presumably for fear of losing the
considerable income, perks, status, and influence that has come their way since they
started promoting their theory.

So they have taken to bamboozling us with “science”, and to cheating.

It is shocking that the media has not put these cheats under any real scrutiny.

It is left to retired scientists and bloggers to point out their cheating and errors.THe media has been incapable or unwilling to expose these people.

It’s been a lucrative theory for the western climate establishment, but reality will
force them to abandon it eventually.

And the political class will eventually realize they were taken in.


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