Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Witchcraft practitioners out in force in Orklund

The inaugural meeting of the Auckland Council was a ceremonial occasion that began with a powhiri by the iwi of Auckland

a Tainui kaumatua, presented Mr Brown with a taiaha (a long wooden weapon) as a koha, or gift.

Every practitioner of dark arts has come to town to slurp at the the new Orklund Super Shitty trough.
Wearing a Maori feather cloak - there are no mayoral robes or chains at this stage - Mr Brown finished by leading the singing for a waiata

Even the head honcho is pandering to such practices.

Just like that murderous war dance that precedes every public and international function, particularly on the paddock, modern secular society has no truck with such displays of witchcraft.

Unfortunately, like previous local government in Orklund, I fear the worst for the new council as it is already infested with the practitioners of racist dark arts where if you are of a certain ethnicity, your message has more value. Just outside of the council are a whole cohort awaiting inclusion at the trough by virtue of their ethnicity.

When are New Zealander's going to wake up and ban these archaic practices?


Anonymous said...

You're some sort of cross between a tool and and retard aren't you? A Maori welcome is "a display of witchcraft"? Who are you, Christine O'Donnell? Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

christ your're a half-wit fuckwad.

chris said...

@Anonymous 9:04.
If you do a little bit of research, you will realise that tohungas practiced a form of spirituality which was very much the same as druidism. Or modern wicca (which is a reconstruction of witchcraft).

We used to be overtly Christian. We are now overtly not. I do not see this as progress.

And... if you both are going to swear, can you be imaginative? Calling the host of this names means... you do not have a coherent argument.

Murray said...

These are NOT practicioners of witchcraft and your assertion is offensive to witches.

These are stone age shamen.

They need at least 3,000 years of evoultion before they can claim witchcraft.

PM of NZ said...

Cheers, Chris. Another way of looking at same issue. Of suddenly going from a Christian society to pandering to racist PC multi-culti claptrap.

You could be right, M. The natives have only been here a dog-watch, having emigrated from somewhere up Korea way.

Like in the UK, local government here in NZ daily plumbs new PC depths. And look where the UK is headed now.