Wednesday, November 24, 2010

National: We've established what you are...

MB doesn't want to haggle over the price any more.

Helen won.


pdm said...

I have emailed Craig Foss and told him he and National have lost my vote. They have never had my party vote but Craig has had my electorate vote in every election he has contested.

mawm said...

(1) EFA.
(2) ETS
(3) International Debt
(4) Flight to Australia
(5) economic gap between aforementioned
(6) s. 59

He didn't mention the Foreshore and Seabed sellout.

Alan Peachy has noticed a change in the traditional Tory voter's mood, maybe others will follow. In the mean time one can hope that Boscowan comntinues to stand up to the Maori in the F&S committee, and that traitorous little arse who handing it all to them.

Anonymous said...

The traitorous little arse has the most creepy, dead eyes, where his smile never reaches. For crying out loud, he was golfing at the age of twelve, he's a Wall St type swinger, staight out of the movie, the Micheal Douglas role. Corrput and ruthless, under that hollow smile.

Anonymous said...

How come the whole of the National caucus put up with Key? They're right, it is the John Key show, all about Key and nothing else, all about how self-important and smug he is. Yuck. Glad I don't work for him, he would grate upon my nerves.

Anonymous said...

Helen didn't have to worry about her policies being 'burnt upon the bonfire of right-wing politics', now did she. She must be laughing up her sleeve and drinking to her mate, JOhn.