Friday, November 05, 2010

The cost of free trade?

The Chinese consulate-general in Auckland sent a verbal note to the Auckland District Court, asking for equal and fair treatment in Ms Zhang's case," the letter said.

The ambassador's letter also said: "We will definitely pay close attention to the development of this case and always be ready to reach out to help secure the Chinese national's legitimate rights"


The world's most populous nation that already owns 3/4 of the South Pacific shit-holes attempts to flex its Communist muscle in our courts. Repulsed by the Judge. This time.

Won't be long before they write a cheque and buy up bankrupt New Zealand Inc as part of that FTA.


Anonymous said...

I can't see that there is any attempt to interfere with due process. I'm sure you would be comforted by a similar statement from an NZ official were you in a Chinese court.


PM of NZ said...

Maybe no upfront attempt, but implicit threat is contained in the message.