Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where National should be

"absolutely no case" for treating Maori people differently

That's more like what National should look like. I love it.
The whole concept of a racially based political party would be seen as grossly inappropriate if wanted by any other race than Maori," he said. "What would be the reaction if a group of New Zealanders of European background decided to set up a 'European New Zealanders' Party'?

Orewa Mk III. Not the NACTional pink wash that endorses every Liarbour socialist mantra.

He also attacked National's economic performance and criticised what he said was high spending, over-regulation and a refusal to back down on a number of Labour-led policies

What NZ politics needs is a large dose of Don. New Zealand would be a performer, an achiever under his stewardship. God help Key in 2011. Lazarus looks better by the day.


The Gantt Guy said...

PM, Brash's problems are (1) he won't do deals with the apartheid party, and he will be pilloried in the media for it, (2) he doesn't do anywhere near enough smiling and waving, and (3) the campaign in the LSM to destroy ACT will also be used against Brash.

Why would Brash want that?

PM of NZ said...



The Brash brand unfortunately is tarnished but his message for the Nats is what needs to be heeded. Smile and Wave is currently ignoring the message to his peril.

There remains unresolved issues around one New Zealand for all. Period. Nothing in the treaty says it any louder than Article III. Relinquish sovereignty and become British subjects.

Whilst the leaders of the grievance industry chase their own versions of sovereignty and separatism, those born in this country but deemed to be non-native, are looking on increasingly worried knowing that the government of the day will sell its soul to retain control and power.

Apartheid here we come. In Don's words possibly to be resolved by civil war.

Anonymous said...

Smile and Wave is a frigging tryant, a wolf in sheeps clothing, who thinks he has the right to dictate to middle class New Zealand, and everyone else too. I'd rather have Goff than Key, Hide than Key or Winston than Key. The day the traitorous goon is voted out is the day I celebrate. What a hollow, hollow, man!