Monday, November 01, 2010

Fastrack railroad to hell

Today residents of the new Orklund Super Shitty embarked on a one-way trip.
Brown's three key rail visions - an inner city loop, a line to Auckland International Airport and rail to the North Shore

A one-way trip to rates hell for those that pay the bills as they now fund the wild wet dreams of a socialist nirvana with public transport for the masses. All being made possible by a man driven. Driven by politics of the left where those that can pay will have their wealth redistributed through rampant property taxes.

I pray that in three years time the left will have made such a hash of Orklund, that those who pay the bills will never vote for socialists again.

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mawm said...

The saving grace is that there will be ineptitude all around and it won't have got off the drawing board by the end of his term. Lyin Brown should rather stick to replacing city trees.