Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting noticed in Mana

Liarbour will have taken a huge hit in the Mana bye-election stakes in the past day with McCarten's occupation of a vacant house. A taxpayer owned state house was broken into and a "tenant" was installed. McCarten's team were duly arrested / carted off by Mr Plod.

It is not a stunt, but a criminal action that I hope gets the full force of the law.

Getting noticed in Mana, the left vote is being rent asunder which can only be good for the right candidate, Perata.

Well done Mr Plod for promptly enforcing the law. Pity you did not do it up north with activist stirrers in the sailing club on the day they illegally occupied the site.

And for the Mana/Porirua/Wellywood council, are criminal proceedings underway for those allowing people to reside in garages in your territory? I believe garages are not habitable buildings under the Building Act. More so wet ones. Under your aegis of being the Local Government authority, with the vested duty to enforce regulations, have you started proceedings?

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