Monday, December 12, 2011

Baldrick spotted in the LEC laundry

It could be a cunning plan. What interest would there be in a one-horse race? Get two or more going and the resultant interest and publicity must help the long game. A cunning plan Baldrick.

Yep, since the Mercenary patently lacks public speaking and drive on specialist subjects such as economic matters, the already decided race is being talked up as two nag race to flush out the pretenders followers. Diametrically opposite factions which will have to be immediately lanced like a boil for the long term good of the party.

In these straightened economic times whoever wins will have to front foot daily for the next three years on matters economic up against currently the best in the business in the bearpit, the smiling assassin.

The dirty laundry, if read correctly, hides many secrets. My pick is SilentT as much as it disgusts me.

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