Wednesday, December 21, 2011

National traitors step further left

"a party of the left, and probably further left than labour"

My reply:

You've only just realised that? The real problem is National. Now occupying political space so far left that it is entertaining doing shady backroom deals with rampant communists to retain power at any cost.

via HomePaddock, shilling for National


Redbaiter said...

Left a similar comment.

National seem completely incapable of coming up with non-socialist arguments and solutions.

Just meekly surrendering more and more ground to the left.

Spineless and incompetent.

Key and his acolytes have ruined the party.

Mort said...

The rank hypocrisy of these National Party mouth pieces still astounds me. The railed against Helengrad's imposition of the measures when implemented, and now cheer them because they are the Blue teams actions, so they must be OK.

Where is the spine to tell your 'leaders/bosses/ dear leaders' that this isn't what we voted for, this isn't what a party of wealth creation, freedom enhancing, small govt should be espousing? When they finally get their ignorant heads into gear and start to point out to their idols the folly of their ways, then perhaps policies consistent with the foundational ideas espoused may be allowed to grow. Until then the mouthpieces at Kiwiblog, Homepaddock etc are nothing but hypocrites