Friday, December 23, 2011

Queenstown Council bureaucrats continue shafting ratepayer

independent commissioners working on behalf of the Queenstown Lakes District Council approved resource consent

Two private parties appealed against the decision to the Environment Court

the council later decided it also did not agree with its commissioners' decision and applied to the Environment Court to also present evidence opposing the commissioner's decision

From the bureaucrats playbook at your local council. Council appointed commissioners approve the consent, council doesn't like result, so joins in supporting appeal against consent and tries to charge ratepayer extra for privilege. As if the ratepayer hasn't already paid through the nose via the never ending litigation of the consent processes.

Thankfully the EC beak sticks it to the bureaucrats.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has been denied permission to give evidence against a planning decision made by its own commissioners

and from the ratepayer

regarded the council's conduct as a complete abuse of process and paid more legal fees than expected

sets the ground for all future applicants for resource consent to be able to properly rely on a decision made by this council in its favour

It pays to be vigilant. The bureaucrats at your local council remain ever willing to shaft the ratepayer via any means.

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Anonymous said...

The QLDC is out of hand and has been for a long time. Their employees have the mindset that they are a business and that every opportunity to gouge a fee from the ratepayer for whatever excuse is to be taken.

The ratepayer is the raw material, a wad of legal paper is the product. They forget that they are there to serve the interests of the ratepayer. They are the local equivalent of climate change scientists. Irrelevant, expensive and living off everyone else's dollar. A pain in the backside.