Saturday, December 03, 2011

Rancid whiff of bureaucracy in ag aviation

Many regional councils around the country are interested in adopting this programme into their planning ... means the industry [read regional councils] can self-administer...

Agricultural aviation has to remain a permitted activity under the RMA

- from the latest SuperAir blurb in the mailbox with the Ballance sales pitch

Isn't that what the CAA does? With 'elf-n-safety delegated to the DOL? God help a farmer if they do not adhere to industry guidelines, identifying hazards, rigourously following fert plans or worse still have an accident!

Imagine if a topdressing plane had an accident and applied all that Nitrogen filled fertilser in one spot. An environmental castasprohe! Just imagine the bureaucrats that could be unleashed on the modern farmer. But hey, don't mention that all of NZ was regularly washed with DDT not 50 years ago.

One wonders what expertise a regional council can bring to agricultural aviation best practice and safety other than the rancid stench of bureaucracy.

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Mort said...

hmmm best practice...
your fertiliser application path must contain the following directives.
Prior to take off you must consult with local Iwi to perform a karakia, begging tane papa and rangi their blessings and consent for you to polute their soil with your Nitrogen
1) Mana whenua recognition fee
2) mana whenua airspace rental
3) mana whenua radio waves transmission rental
4) mana whenua kaumatua appearance fee
5) Forest & Bird....