Thursday, December 22, 2011

Environment Southland rushing to set up star chamber

these issues will not be debated in public

the Resource Management Act gives the responsibility to your elected representatives to make values-based policy decisions

Petty bureaucrats thriving on unvalidated greenwash continue marching toward their utopian dream of stopping all farming in Southland. An unseemly rush to quickly get plans in place so environment wrecking farmers can be stopped. All over some fetid swamp that has a blocked seaward outlet.

Councillors need to be able to ask questions and speak freely without their comments being misconstrued as showing bias or predetermination

After ES has listened to the patently biased elected reps and drafted a final draft, the productive farming public might be invited to forward their tuppence worth to the ES Star Chamber. I say patently biased, because greenwash is what the reps were elected on.
here will be ample opportunities for people to have their say during consultation

One of these days we will awake to find these greenie nutters have regulated farming out of existence via the RMA. Zero food will be produced in New Zealand it being all imported.

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