Sunday, December 11, 2011

Separatists ready to sell their soul?

National is today set to seal a new deal with the Maori Party

Their dance with the devil is about to end today. The question is will they end inside or outside the tent. Inside no doubt, having hocked off their soul to the highest bidder, as Sharples has previously indicated 'get as many baubles as possible whilst on offer'. As his ex-mate Hone suggests 'drive a hard bargain'.
"I would be absolutely stunned if they don't do a deal with us,'' Key said

One wonders what cherished bits of New Zealand are on offer this time around. Last time it was Foreshore and Seabed. As previous actions would suggest, I'd suspect that Smile and Wave will renege on long held party principles and cave into more race based separatism.

How's getting rid of those race based Maori seats going Mr Key?

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