Monday, December 05, 2011

"First they came for..."

it’s necessary to control the amount of nitrogen-based fertiliser going on the land and also stocking intensities.

Green Party would do this with a National Environmental Standard for Intensive Agriculture

Reminds me of "First they came for ..." by Niemoller.

The price of electing watermelons is tentative steps in destocking the planet. Next step humans as the NESIA Stasi implement their green plan.

Treehuggers state their conditions for a MOU.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, you're just a wee bit hysterical, shrieky, nutbar, conspiracy, loopy-doop crazy no? You're the sort of person who still thinks Obama is a Kenyan moooooslim. Go ahead, admit it.

KG said...

Oh yeah...another anonymous fuckwit, without even the brains and the courtesy to get a nick.
Yep, "anonymous", it's always "hysterical"--until it happens.
Your little adolescent screech indicates a Greens supporter. Which means you condone the murder of millions by the green zealots. Can you even spell "malaria"?

Mort said...


slander, defame, blame... but never an argument with real facts.

why are you simply too intellectually inept and corrupt to admit that what ever argument you come up with fails to address what ever criticisms are addressed?

The point here was that the GREENS want to impose standards that only worked with farming 100 years ago, when labour rates had people in relative abject poverty? We produce today 200 times what came off farms 75 years ago... how do we do that? Technology... one of which is utilising natures plant food.. Nitrogen. Its not something that is that mystical.... magical... eerie.. its a salt, pure and simple chemistry and biology... but you wouldn't understand that with your PhD in Sociology of cocaine addled dysmorphic simpletons or what ever the hell it was you got your 'tertiary degree' in.

ask some questions about what the ramifications of your beloved Green party's policies actually lead to, or is that a stretch too far for someone who relies on the beneficence of others to supply their well-being?

As KG alludes to, why are people dying of Malaria? and TB, and any other number of diseases which were effectively eradicated until various Green policies allowed the vector to return.

Anonymong: too cowardly for a name, fresh with clichés propagating or protecting the incompetent, and aiding and abetting murderers or murderous policies....

grow a brain, ask some questions, seek real answers that actually stand up to real questions... go ahead... use your "great intellect', the all omniscience of your brain to critically answer the questions, or at least ask them here and perhaps we can argue points as formulate a structured arguments...
but I am probably just pissing in the wind, because you are like the wind, you blow in from one direction, flutter around, make a bit of noise, think you're all that, then fuck off in some other direction like a fart's olfactory presence

KG said...

"..with your PhD in Sociology of cocaine addled dysmorphic simpletons.."
Beautiful! :)
One of the finest put-downs of a bubblebrain I've read yet.

PM of NZ said...

KG and Mort - Well done! At least some of us can see clearly through the green (and red) mists of ideological delusions.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. KG and Mort have ably demonstrated just what hysterical, shrieky, nutbar, conspiracy, loopy-doop crazy actually is. Cheers ladies.

Mort said...

Adding to your arsenal of argument there then Anonymong Leftoid. You have successfully managed to add zero facts/ argunments to the conversation.

What is your argument? So far you haven't actually managed to put one down? We cannot even discuss a single thing you have contributed to the solution the greens want to impose as negotiation points for an MOU, because you haven't actually stated any arguments that would support the Greens Position.

Oneday you may actually wake up to the fact you need to put forward your case, but its intellectual laziness so typical of leftards that they can't actually state the reasons they believe in any particular position, apart from so and so told me... or crap like 'the science is settled'

what is your argument against Nitrogen?
You don't think its a salt?

What about land stocking intensities? Do you have a position on this? If so what is it, and why have you chosen that particular stocking rate?

balls in your court Sociology Professor Anonymong... please enlighten us with your wisdom

Anonymous said...

Dude you need a job.

KG said...

Wow! Thomas Sowell, eat yer heart out.....a new intellectual giant is among us!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet. KG thinks that a third rate academic hack represents the pinnacle of intellectual endeavour.

Nitrogen is not a salt Mort. You're a retard.