Friday, December 02, 2011

Omphaloskeptics Anon: Triennial AGM

Green party are calling for a post-election inquiry to zero in on the low voter turnout

should look at ways to reverse the declining turnout

An exercise in utter futility designed to waste more of the taxpayer dime. One only has to look at what is on offer to see causality.

Hopefully whilst contemplating their navels, some useless pieces of lint might be removed.


Jeremy Harris said...

This is actually dangerous, what it is about is the Greens pushing compulsary voting, they know the majority of those who stay home are no hopers, who if forced to vote, are likely to vote for them or the labour party.

They are tricky

PM of NZ said...

Damned right Jeremy. The only reason the tree huggers cracked 10% this time round is because voting for NACTional was a step too far for pissed off Liarbour voters. And they hid their feral candidates.

Should Liarbour ever sort out the power struggle, votes will freely flow back to the true communists, the Red Team, forcing the watermelons back under the Margin of Error where they belong.

Mort said...

look at the shit that floats in Australia only because of compulsory voting.

Compulsory voting is a step too far, but would fit nicely with the Authoritarianism of Greens... for a bunch of agnostic bastards, they sure do like THOU SHALT... statements