Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The guilt of white colonials

all Maori are somehow guilty of, or prone to child abuse

Can't argue with that. Daily we see the stats reinforcing the theory. With vile results. Don't see the colonials acting in similar manner on a regular basis. Maybe they are better at hiding it?

The apologist that poses as the RRC would have us believe otherwise. As usual, it's racism to note murdering and abusing children is extremely prevalent within Maori communities, being perpetrated by Maori.

Pacific Islanders had once attracted unduly great attention from immigration officials and police because of their being ethnically stereotyped as "overstayers"

Nothing wrong with that either. If the Police and Immigration had done their job properly at the time, with heaps more dawn raids, we would not have the problems of today in South Auckland. But no, Liarbour was out buying Votes for KFC on a grand scale.

The sun has been rather strong of late, must have fried his brain cell. Somehow it is all the fault of those uncaring white colonials as Maori yet again top out the stats. Or is it bottom out in all the negative stats?


Redbaiter said...

That Key allows De Bres to continue on with his divisive propaganda is just one more example of Key's sickening weakness.

KG said...

Key just hasn't gotten around to organising a slot at the U.N. for him yet, RB.