Thursday, December 01, 2011

Can't argue with that

Top Gear frontman Jeremy Clarkson has sparked outrage ... call for Britain's striking public sector workers to be shot

gilt-edged pensions that have to be guaranteed while the rest of us have to work for a living

JC at his best.


Andrei said...
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Andrei said...

And FFS the BBC felt the need to issue an apology for his comments.

Apparently a lot of viewerss were distressed by that remark.

Sensitivity training coming up for Mr C?

PM of NZ said...

Won't be half the distress that will be in their faces when the Euro does its final dead cat bounce.

Mort said...

seems funny that Govt employees once they Retire from public service earn more money and become more productive to the economy once out of 'work'

Mike Webber said...

It is absolutely logical Mort, Government employees are far more productive when they retire as they are not wandering around with their clip boards stopping the productive being productive.

KG said...

Let's buy the man a beer, for saying what so many of us think!

Mort said...

in the same vein, but this time to do with NZ and our very ugly deficit which if the stars align, might be able to reduced to zero in 5 years time, thus only enslaving generations x, y, next, and next's children's....

a solution has come to the fore... for this we can look to CHC's EQ and learn from the disaster. Whilst we mourn the loss of the 182 people who died in the events of Feb 22, we should not ignore those deaths, and in the interests of
a) people's lives
b) the economy
c) our grandchildren's financial serfdom

arises http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/6073112/Quake-risk-could-close-public-buildings

the solution is of course....
close the damn things down
make redundant all the clip board weilders in the at risk buildings

as one of the commenters on the site has pointed out, the clip board wielders (who are no more than walking judder bars to freedom and commerce), should be retrained to do something worthwhile with their lives, like market garden labouring, or mining etc.

The Govt wouldn't need to divert as much money from the sell down of the SOEs as the money wouldn't be needed (as quite clearly has been expressed by Keyster that it will allow for new investment in "assets" like school and hospital buildings (for a banker, he should know the difference between an asset and a liability- go figure)

Instead we could reduce the size of Govt. Sell off broken real-estate or settle ToW claims, and thus reduce the drain on the public purse. Less clip board judder bars= less red-tape= more freedom, more commerce: and who knows there may even result in more tax take to allow tax reductions to make it more benficial for people to work harder thus increasing productivity and profit, resulting in a net increase in tax take, to repay Dipton's double dipper's lunacy

A win all around.

PM of NZ said...

Well said Mort.

KG said...

Hell yes!
What Mort said, exactly.