Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vodafilth Internet Speed: Crap when school's out

Vodafone customers' internet speeds drop by as much as quarter as consumers flock to the internet in the evenings

Higher levels of congestion were evident to varying degrees from about the end of the school day at 3pm through to 10pm, with Vodafone's performance bottoming out at 9pm

Case proven. Hell, I been proving that daily for yonks. And it wouldn't have cost a penny.

As soon as the latch-key kiddies get home from school at 5 past three and start watching pr0n, Vf speeds tank till late evening. It's the same when the weather is crap in JafaLand.

Pity they can't quantitatively also measure Vf customer help desk service, or rather the lack of it.

Unfortunately there is no viable alternative for broadband round these parts.

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KG said...

Same here, with Telstra, PM. The problem is, the dishonest bastards oversell the capacity.