Sunday, November 27, 2011

ACToids like rats leaving sinking ship

Not content with buggering the only right of centre party in New Zealand, ACToids are abandoning ship looking for new places to ruin with their failed liberal ideology.


Redbaiter said...

They're so ignorant and insular they don't have a clue how it was done in Canada.

For the same reasons as here- a right wing undermined and inflitrated and weakened by misguided cultural Marxists like Nick Kearney and the rest.

They must be kept out of the Conservatives or they will destroy it just as they have destroyed ACT and the National Party and The Libertarianz.

The Gantt Guy said...

They're terrified of the Conservative Party. Key, Farrar, Slater, Kearney, all the faux-right. Scared shiteless of the Conservatives and everything they represent, which the faux-right do not.

Mort said...

Slater is lot less communist than that turncoat hypocrite Felchfest Farrah

The Gantt Guy said...

True Mort, but he's cast from the same ddie. He's the cousin they don't talk about; the one who grows his hair
Ong, smokes dope and wears Iron Maiden t-shirts to dinner parties, but ... He's still a member of the family, and he's proven it with his ham-fisted attacks on Colin Craig and the Conservatives.

Nick K said...

I'm not deserting anything. I'm staying with the party I have belonged to since 1997.

As to being terrified of Colin Craig's conservatives, I couldn't give a stuff about them. I want what is best for New Zealand, and I just think another party that wants to use the state as an instrument of suppression is not the best thing for NZ.

Redbaiter said...

"and I just think another party that wants to use the state as an instrument of suppression is not the best thing for NZ."

You pathetic idiot. You destroyed ACT with your delusional Progressive rubbish. You should be content with that achievement and stay the hell away from politics from now on.

Redbaiter said...

BTW, note how the "liberals" at No Minister are preventing comments from being placed on their posts smearing the Conservatives?

Whats up yellow backs? Not so keen on dissent suddenly?


PM of NZ said...

RB, You noticed too?

NM seems in recent days like a RINO version of The Stranded or Red Lerts. All are practicing censorship so readers coming to sup their particular brand of Koolade do not see dissenting commentary and stay on message.

Redbaiter said...

Oh oh, suddenly they've let one post out of "moderation"..!!

And guess what?

Its another No Minister dope praising Nick.

Must be the only comment they received on that post that didn't breach their "guidelines".

Hahahah.. how pathetic.

Those dopey pseudo liberal dipshits have no pride at all.

Anonymous said...

I posted a cordial reply to the newcomer explaining why I left ACT and went to the Conservatives. It has not appeared.

No minister is heading towards no credibility going down that track.


KG said...

"No minister is heading towards no credibility going down that track."

It's arrived at the station, George.

Redbaiter said...

Adolf has sure saddled himself with a bunch of fuckwits.

Nick K said...

I don't control the moderation on comments, and for the most part don't believe in censoring comments.

It ain't me. I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

"Not so keen on dissent suddenly?"

Oh that's fucking hilarious coming from you Russell. You and that psycho KG delete any comment from your paradigm altering blogs that doesn't toe the rabid, mouth frothing, knuckle dragging line completely and utterly.

Found Obama's birth certificate yet? Keep looking. It's in a corner of the Oval Office. Loser.

Redbaiter said...

You wet weak fucking idiot Spondre, don't you ever get tired of that same old repetitive bullshit?

Been fired from any more blogs lately?

KG said...

The poor wee apprentice slimeball is just upset at the policies of CR and Trueblue. Policies which are clearly stated upfront.
Morons attempting to post in breach of the policies get all pouty when their drivel is chopped off. I love it! :)

KG said...

And I can see only one rabid,mouth-frothing, knuckle-dragging commenter in this thread......