Monday, November 21, 2011

Socialism breeds poverty

Spain is going to have to face the facts that Socialism breeds POVERTY. It is going to be extremely difficult for Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and others to come to terms with their profligacy.

The only Economic System which provides WEALTH for a Nation is Free (relatively) Market CAPITALISM. Hard work, innovation, and PROFIT for PRODUCERS will build an economy that can support itself.

However, Europeans are not demographically reproducing themselves; Europeans have given up on the future; Europeans have no faith in God or superior entity or Ethic Guiding Human endeavor. They are lost and their future is bleak.

The United States still has an opportunity to DESTROY the Socialist-Marxists in our midst politically and in our corrupt liberal colleges, Universities and K-12 Education system. America may be the “outlier” of Western Civilization still. We have hope. We simply have to CHANGE the disaster of Socialism-Marxism in our body politic.

Insert New Zealand where required. Voters would do well to remember the headline as they vote this upcoming Saturday.

Unfortunately the offerings are poor. Those on the left like Liarbour and greenies want to continue taxing us into poverty to fulfil their socialist-marxist nirvana, whilst National does nothing to move away from their poisoned space.

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Anonymous said...

National are Liarbore that there is no discenrnable difference in the policies of Keyster's Govt and the one led by the She with a trolls arse for a face

KG said...

Many thanks for the h/t, PM.
It doesn't look promising--eith Labour or Labour-blue...
Who will make the hard decisions NZ so desperately needs?