Friday, November 25, 2011

Making the cut. Or not.

Should voters waste 8-9% of votes on ACT and Winston First looking for someone reliable to enact real right leaning policy, but neither make the cut, just think of the mandate the Nats could have had if only they had stuck to their principles.

If only. Time will tell. Meanwhile Ele over at HP makes a final? party political broadcast.


KG said...

Yegods! I stopped reading HP a long time ago and that drivel confirms my judgement.
What a load of feelgood codswallop! It confirms my feeling that it's largely idiot women voters -who cast a vote based on emotion rather than intellect- who have been useful idiots helping to fuck the process.


Now, now KG. That is a little cruel.
HP is just as loyal to her party as Adolf is to his.
But Ele comes up with some decent arguments on the need to keep out Liarbour.
Anyway, about the point about how popular National would be if it stuck to its former principles.
It would be more popular.
ACT might benefit too, as it would not seem as 'extreme' as the media paint it.
We should remember how Don Brash saved National after 2002.

KG said...

"Now, now KG. That is a little cruel.
HP is just as loyal to her party as Adolf is to his."

"cruel" my arse. Loyalty to a party despite the evidence that the party is a pack of lying socialists is a vice, not a virtue.
And the fact that Labour may be worse doesn't excuse it--voting for the (hoped for) lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.
It's time the 50+% of Kiwis who are going to tick the Nats box grew up and weaned themselves off the State tit.