Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back to basics

Whilst Emmerson directly shows Liarbour the way ahead, the loony far right fresh from having lost 4 MPs and a leader over the weekend and gained a National fifth columnist continue to debate the basics.

It's a case of the classical liberal theorists wanting to stay pure for their 1400 core voters. 1400 out of three bloody million. Get real.

Meanwhile the Nat implant into terminal ACT has really stuck the cat amongst the pigeons so to speak. On top of that indecency, the said MP is now touting a merger with like minded but possibly secular brethren over at the Conservatives.

As if the theoretical vs practical goings on at Libz HQ is not entertainment enough, the factions within ACT are now getting down and dirty trying to work out should they all pull together to fix ACT, abandon it all together for another right leaning entity, or even God forbid, taint the brand abandoning some principles and suck up to potential god-botherers.

Fun and games indeed as various elements get into soul searching and try to get back to basics.

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